Meraki or Viptela

In this article, I’m going to discuss what should we choose from the two Cisco SD-WAN solutions called Viptela and Meraki depending on which facts.

 How IT resources are used in the Organization?

Basically, there is no enough staffs for like SD-WAN Deployment and WAN Monitoring in the branch offices. And if we want to perform Plug and Play Deployments and use efficiently for SD-WAN Solution, we should choose Meraki which is based on Cloud.

Viptela is more relevant to make SD-WAN Deployments for Enterprise-Level, such as
banks and large businesses. Choose Viptela if the enterprise holds the IT staffs who
understand the Network Architecture well and can manage skillfully.

 Which cloud infrastructure (public or private cloud) is used in our Organization?

If organization uses the public cloud (like AWS or Azure), choose the Cloud-based Meraki.

If your organization have Datacenter or use the private cloud, just deploy Viptela.

 For which types of network connection ?

Meraki mainly supports Ethernet and LTE connections.

Viptela supports T1 Lines and Digital Subscriber Lines (DSL) acquired from Service
Provider more than Ethernet and LTE connections.

 Which features are most necessary to our Network Infrastructure?

If you want to get Basic SD-WAN Features and Security Features (all in one) and want to
manage easily all of the branch offices from the simple User Interface , choose Meraki.

Viptela is more suitable if the WAN Topologies are complex. And You want to provide the network segmentation to secure and your organization have much Virtual Private Cloud(VPC) Workloads.

 How much cost you want to use?

Meraki is lower cost than Viptela because Advanced License (to buy) is just efficient in Meraki.

Viptela including Advanced Routing and the ability to manage Cloud Security and Complex WAN Environments is more costly.

 Which Cisco’s technology is used for Infrastructure for now?

If Cloud Controlled Meraki Solutions are used for Wi-Fi, routing, switching and security, choose Meraki for also SD-WAN Deployments.

Providing that Integrated Service Routers (ISR) are used in the infrastructure, choose Viptela to deploy to it.

 NEX4 provides these two Cisco SD-WAN solutions, Meraki and Viptela Deployments according to the requirements of the customers. I hope all of you can choose the right Cisco SD-WAN Solution for your organization after reading the above facts.

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