Let’s Build SDDC with vCloud Suite

– To Build software Defined Data Center (SDDC), the use of vCloud Suite, one of the technologies of vSphere-based environment will be presented.
– The private cloud based on the vSphere environment can be provided by vCloud Suite to run workloads, build and manage.
– In vCloud Suite, there are a lot of components. The main reason is to build the powerful SDDC, to control and manage on the DC environment and to deploy automatically.
 vCloud Suite Components
1️⃣ ESXi
– Provide bare-metal virtualization of servers so you can consolidate your applications on less hardware.
2️⃣ vCenter Server
– Provide a centralized platform for managing vSphere environments.
IMPORTANT vCenter Server is required for building the core infrastructure of the Software-Defined Data Center.
3️⃣ vCenter Site Recovery Manager
– Provide disaster recovery capability that lets you perform automated orchestration.
4️⃣ vRealize Automation
– vRealize Automation is also called as Self-Service Portal. 
– When IT resources are required, Authorized Admins or Developers or Business Users request first.
– Based on these requests, applications are provisioned by policy-based Infrastructure.
At there, lifecycle is appeared as five steps:
1. Request
2. Approval
3. Provision
4. Manage
5. Expire/ Lease/ Archive
5️⃣ vRealize Business for vSphere
– It automates cloud cost analysis, consumption metering, cloud comparison and planning, delivering the cost visibility and business insights you need to run your cloud more efficiently.
1. First of all, define business unit.
2. Then, define the pricing policies.
3. Re-Check the consumption report.
6️⃣ vRealize Operation Manager
– Provide the health checking of our infrastructure.
– Provide the unified management checking for Performance, Capacity and Configuration.
– Can Monitor for not only single SDDC but also cross multi-cloud.
– vRealize Operation can work the basic planning to the highest compliance level including Capacity Optimization and Compliance.
– Then, can provide the automated and proactive workloads management.
7️⃣ vRealize Replication
– Provide replication, at the individual virtual machine disk level, between datastores hosted on any storage.
 Network Components for vCloud Suite
You can adopt NSX for vSphere for the networking and security needs of your SDDC.
NSX provides layer 2 to layer 7 network virtualization, with security policies that follow workloads across the data center for faster network provisioning and management.
 Layers of the Software-Defined Data Center
1️⃣ The virtualization layer, based on the physical Compute, Storage and Network.
2️⃣ Monitoring and Orchestration layer to manage the performance and capacity. 
3️⃣ Infrastructure Service Layer, It provides the catalogs and templates for the requested resources from Self-Service User Portal. Also known as IaaS Environment.
4️⃣ Application Platform Service layer, also known as Self-Service Application Development layer. From this layer, Application Blueprinting and Application Development can be provided.
The mentioned above layers are built with vCloud Suite Components. With these vCloud Suite Components, we can also manage other public cloud by adding vCloud Air Services. As a result, by using common vRealize Cloud Management Platform, we can manage hybrid cloud.
 vCloud Suite Use Cases
– Benefits when building on premise SDDC
– Replication to remote site if the disaster occured
– Protection of VM failures easily by power-on from remote sites or cloud
 Benefits of using vRealize Suite‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍
1️⃣ Agility
The scaling up resources are rapidly improving while the business changes and application requirements are rapidly growth. vRealize Suite can provide automatically and deploy on the resources which are requested.
2️⃣ Simplicity and Empowerment
When we use Portal Based, it is friendly Users Experience, easier and simplest to use. So, vRealize provides “Win-Win-Win” situation for IT department, Management and All Users.
3️⃣ Control
All of the requests and templates are controlled by rules and policies even on the auto deployments. It can also control for the organization compliance.
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