Security Operations (Ko Ye Myo Thu Speech)

Ko Ye Myo Thu is working as a Security Consultant in NEX4 company. At the very first part of Technical Sharing Section, he mainly discussed about Security Operations Center and SOAR Technology. He began the speech by talking about the importance of security which is essential in every technical sector. Companies usually build infrastructure and setup networks. After these steps, he pointed out how to monitor their infrastructure by using security controls as the companies.
Before talking about Security Operation Center (SOC), he explained the meaning of Security Monitoring and the importance of Security Monitoring in these following facts. Nowadays, organizations become to broaden their market throughout the world rather than local market. When they corporate with other international countries, they must validate rules and regulations followed by their partners’ organizations.
The importance of following rules and regulations was explained with examples of Banking and Healthcare sectors. In banking sector, payment card providers handling Visa and MasterCards need to follow PCIDSS compliance as mandatory rule to protect cardholder account data. Moreover, hospitals need to follow HIPAA compliance to protect their patient information in healthcare sector. To validate these rules and regulations fully, how to monitor data traffic in 24/7 hours, for example if your organization is a bank, how to monitor users and card data traffic was also discussed in technical sharing section.

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