Microsoft Security and Management Part (2)

In Microsoft Security And Management Part 2, I Would Like To Discuss About Identity And Access Management As First And Then Mobile Device Management Will Be Discussed.

‍‍‍‍‍‍Azure Active Directory

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✅ Azure AD Provide The Microsoft Cloud-Based Identity And Access Management Service. Single Sign On (SSO) Feature Is Included In Azure AD. When Employees Sign In To The Application Portal, Single Sign On Is The Best And Easiest Sign In Feature. Being Single Sign On, Management Will Be So Powerful As Admin Level.

✅ IT Admin Can Control Their Applications And Application Resources By Using Multi-Factor Authentication Techniques.

✅ As Single Sign On Nature, When The Email (O365) Or Third Party Application Is Used With Integration Of Azure AD, Only One Password Is Needed To Use To Log In.

‍‍‍‍‍‍Which Features Are Provided In Organization By Using Azure AD?

  1. Can Provide Secure Access Management On Applications.
  2. When VMS Join Domain To Get Domain Services, Azure AD Can Provide Domain Services Without Any Domain Controller Is Needed.
  3. By Using Azure AD Premium, Hybrid AD Benefits Can Be Obtained. Hybrid AD Means That If Your Organization Used On-Premise AD But It Needs To Use Azure AD Also, Changes Are Effected On Both On-Premise AD And Cloud AD.
  4. All Of The Access Management From Services Are Based On The Azure AD. So, Even If You Add Other Services, Access Management Will Be Handled From Azure AD.
  5. Can Check Your Environment Security And Usage From Pattern And Reports By Using Azure AD Reports And Monitoring Service.

-To Maintain Device Management, All The Devices Must Be Registered On The Azure AD And Azure AD Will Control.

-Azure AD Subscription Is Divided Into Two Types: Basic And Premium.

‍‍‍‍‍‍Mobile Device Management

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✅ Device Management Is To Control The Users’ Devices Within Organization. Devices Contain Users’ Computer, Laptop, Desktop, Phone, Tablet And IPad). These Devices Should Be Also Controlled Because Malicious Attack Can Impact On The Devices And From This Attack, Data And File From Devices Can Be Lost. So, Devices Must Be Controlled And Maintained With Security Policies To Become Secure Work Environment.

✅ As Defining That Kinds Of Security Policies, Only Authorized Users Can Access And Use The Devices With The Defined Access Log In.

✅ Microsoft Supports For Both Mobile Device Management And Mobile Application Management.

✅ In Mobile Device Management, It Can Support For Mobile Device IOS, Android, Windows, Macos.

✅ Security Policies Are Defined In The Organization And Enforce These Policies To The Respective Devices.

✅ All Of The Devices Are Already Integrated With Azure AD So Defined Users And Defined Devices Have Already Combined And Polices Have Already Applied On These Devices.

✅ By Using Device Management, Can Manage Windows Update Policies, Windows Defender Policies And Other Firewall Policies.

✅ Any Applications Can Be Installed On Any Devices By Creating And Publishing The Profiles To Devices.

✅ For Data Protection, Device Wipe Can Be Done From Remote Location.

✅ For Example: When The Users Define The Password On Device Or Application, He Can’t Use The Simple Password. He Must Use The Complex Password Because Of The Password Policies On The Device And Applications.

✅ Another Example Is Some Users Usually Syncing Or Making The Backup Of The Work Files Or Data To Personal Cloud Storage Area. From This State, Data Can Leak To Other Area. So, This Can Be Blocked By Microsoft MDM Solution.

✅ Email Forwarding To Outside Area Can Be Also Blocked. But, Data Can Be Accessed By Using Screenshot Or Camera Features.

✅ For This Facts, Camera And Screenshot Features Can Be Also Blocked.

✅ Can Control The Software Or Applications Based On Time Or Location.

✅Services Allowance Or Blocking Can Be Done By The Admin.

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