Unified Communication Part(2)

The first benefit of using UC Technology is that workflow processes can be done quickly in business areas. For example, let’s suppose that a businessperson has a meeting with the team members for a project at 9 am and he also has an appointment with a client at 10AM. Even though if he could arrive at the office at 9AM in time, he must leave the office early to be able to get to the appointment with his client. So, the businessperson uses one of the features from UC Technology called “Web Conference” on his mobile phone or on the tablet to join to office meeting on his way to the appointment with his client. He can now discuss on the project, give ideas, make decisions for the meeting and arrive on time for the appointment. Reviewing this, we can save time and work on our process more quickly.

‍‍‍‍‍‍Secondly, the productivity of our business can be increased and earn more benefits because of using UC Technology. As an example, a project manager got a problem while he is on the project meeting with customers. So, he needs his boss’s decision and information from the account manager as well to solve this problem before the meeting is over. But his boss is on overseas business trip and the account manager is at customer’s site for another project. Thus, the project manager directly asks for the project decision while mentioning the boss, account manager and other members related to the project on the UC’s workspace created just for the project. Hence, the other team members can see the project’s decision at the same time and we can understand the current condition of the project without any explanation on it. So, the team members can monitor for the project updated status at the real-time using Unified Communication channel. As an impact, we can do our business with quick responses and gain more benefits on increasing our productivity.

‍‍‍‍‍‍Thirdly, it can reduce the cost of an ongoing business. For example, it is supposed to give training to all the staff from both the main office and branches at the head office to give new customer service in a bank. At that time, it would be more convenient if the staff from branches far from the head office could join a web conference and attend the training from their places while doing their own tasks instead of coming to the head office. In this way, the cost of accommodation and manpower are saved. Accordingly, the budget of the business is also saved.

‍‍‍‍‍‍As the last fact, UC Technology can be used in any business areas;

  • Whether if an HR wants to hire people from overseas by interviewing with video conference, or
  • If an IT engineer wants a standby engineer to see the remote screen while remoting and configuration network devices sharing at real time from another customer site and so on. So, UC application is useful in every area.

‍‍‍‍‍‍Lastly, UC application does not only have the above benefits but also the other benefits too. We would like to end up this article claiming that UC Technology is one of the parts of a business to receive a lot of benefits.

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