Unified Communication Part(1)

Have you ever heard the word “UC”? The word “UC” may also be strange in the IT field. This article will be written about UC technology and why UC technology should be used in enterprises.

‍‍‍‍‍‍The long term for UC is Unified Communication. Before starting to explain UC technology, it is good to say about businesses first. The goal of a business is to perform business processes and workflows to be done quickly. To finish business processes fast, there should be good communication with not only customers but also co-workers in your business. Nowadays, businesses are using Email, telephone, instant messaging and video conference system for communication. However, these tools can be used by an individual. An employee may use many communication tools. When he would like to go for using from one communication tool to another, he needs to quit the current communication tool first and he can use another one after that. That is why his workflows will be delayed and will not be done quickly. As an example, while an employee is using Email, he needs an urgent video call to the customer. Then he must quit from an Email application and need to go to the video conference system. These communication tools are independent and cannot get using them from a single place. UC is a kind of technology where all these independent communication tools are integrated. The purpose of UC is to finish business processes fast and to reach a step forward.

‍‍‍‍‍‍Will you allow internal data leakage?

Let’s move the next key points for why businesses should use UC Technology. Nowadays, businesses want to save their budget and use a free application like Viber, Messenger, and WeChat. The heart of the business is not to be happened internal information leakage to the competitors and outsiders. The employees will share their respective business information via free applications with each other. Thus, do you think their information will be secure? If your business has internal data leakage to the outside, will you think the vendors of these free application will take the responsibility? The respective answers for both are “No”. If businesses use UC applications instead of free applications, information security is assured by the vendor of UC. As technical words, we can ask UC applications vendor for SOC (System and Organization Controls) Report which includes the encryption algorithm for our information and which standards are used for data security from ISO or NIST.

‍‍‍‍‍‍Will you be stressed in managing user accounts?

The more the business is growing, the more the teams are numerous. Each team or employee may use different communication applications. As an instance, some teams may use Viber and another team may communicate by WeChat. Thus, there becomes harder to manage the different accounts of different communication applications. However, if businesses use UC applications, this management challenge will overcome. For a dedicated portal, not an only administrator can manage all user accounts of the employee but also can define access level by the position of each employee. In addition to them, UC includes many features and these articles will not present about them in details.

‍‍‍‍‍‍Will you be worried about the downtime of free applications?

As the last fact, creating accounts of free-applications are based on the phone number and they can be banned by their vendors at any time. If we lost our phone, we would encounter a problem which we couldn’t sign into other devices for any longer our SIM cards. There can be downtime at free communication applications. The accounts created at UC applications can be used according to SLA (Service Level Agreement) which includes how much downtime needs to have in a year. Even if we lost our phone by chance, we can access our communication accounts from any other devices.

‍‍‍‍‍‍By reviewing those above facts, you might know why businesses should use UC Technology. To sum up , I would Like to Suggest use UC for your information security, account management and finishing your businesses process fast.

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